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Our Family Trip | Puerto Rico

We left to the island of Puerto Rico for one amazing family vacation. A small island with lots and lots of things to do. We celebrated my husbands birthday with this trip. Our goal was to explore, check out mentally and live in the moment! Disconnect with the world for just one week. We did lots of relaxing by the pool and beach. The turquoise waters, sunny skies and the sound of the waves crashing is paradise to me! We traveled to the city of Old San Juan, enjoyed drinking out of a coconut, flew a kite in the tradewinds off the sea, visited old forts, drove up the mountain to the rain forest, climbed into the cold waters under the water falls and listen to the sounds of nature. We drank the worlds best coffee and loaded up the suitcase with Alto Grande coffee because we can't buy it back home. We will be back to this beautiful island to explore more. The bucket listed there was not completely checked off, lol! I tried to capture as much as I could. I didn't carry my camera everywhere so somethings where not documented.

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