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Fine Art Portraits

It's 2016 and we are starting out fresh!! I am looking forward to fine art portraits! This is something I am passionate about and enjoy. I am a sucker for anything timeless.

I can't tell you enough how often I hear parents tell me there kid have a fake smile and a real smile. I think we should let our kids be them without couching them to sit pretty. Don't get me wrong I love a good smiling photo of my son. So don't worry we will make sure to add those happy grins!

I enjoy art and I want my image to insprie you to have art on your walls. I want your portraits to look so amazing and classic even 20 years down the road. We are gearing all of our studio sessions toward classic, clean and timeless. We will offer the fun, pop of color upon request.

We will focus on the mood of your children and using only soild color backgrounds also adding some black and whites to your gallery. Dramitic lighting maybe also added. We will help guide you into choosing the most simple, plain yet beautiful outfits. Keep in mind less is more!

Book your fine art session today!

Medina, ohio fine art portraits


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