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Do you need a branding session? What is a branding session?


I'm Brittany and I want to be your branding photographer…. what is a branding session, you may ask?

Branding photography consists of taking or creating professional images of entrepreneurs, small business owners, their teams, offices or stores, and their products, that showcase their brand identity. 

When these pictures are taken to present a particular person, it is called personal branding photography, and it is a great tool for professionals—like artists and politicians—who are trying to promote themselves.

These photos can be used in your website, social media, marketing materials, business cards, and in any other publication used to show the visual identity of the brand or the brand’s story to potential clients. 

Getting a high-quality brand photoshoot is a very effective way to invest in your business, since these images are going to become the first impression that potencial clients are going to have of your business. 

As your professional branding photographer I want to be able to deliver photos that truly represent your brand, and that are unique enough that your clients are going to be able to identify them whenever and wherever they see them.

Brand photography is fundamental for any new and established business, not only to help you grow but also to separate yourself from your competition.

Your brand photos have to show what you have done, what you are doing, and give hints to what you will be able to do. This will give your clients something to look forward to, which will make them aware of your brand's future movements. 

As a professional photographer, I’ll make sure to reflect the best version of your brand. Contact me, to schedule your brand photoshoot!


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